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When Brian Bell and David Yocum met during their first semester at Harvard’s Master of Architecture program, little did they know they’d go on to create an award-winning, New York Times-featured firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 2006, bldgs is the full-service architecture practice and gritty-meets-modern offices of Bell and Yocum. Both Professors of Practice in Architecture at Georgia Tech, they’re totally tapped into the creative culture in Atlanta and beyond.

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“Atlanta is now a destination city for creatives. Creative capital and creative culture always moves where there’s space and it’s affordable,” says Bell. “If you have a vision for something you’d like to create, Atlanta is a city filled with potential.”

In the work they do as bldgs, Bell and Yocum find joy in uncovering the value that exists in a city so rich with history and culture. They point to Altanta’s Sweet Auburn district as having gone through many changes before and after the Civil Rights movement and how there’s a new vibrancy that’s being built back into these historical areas throughout the city. Some of their current projects include a redesign of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, several new Georgia Tech buildings and remodels of many artful residences.

Like so many artists, Bell and Yocum draw inspiration from a multitude of sources. They cite Robert Rauschenberg as an artist who employed non-traditional materials and objects in innovative combinations. Even mash-up music and the juxtaposition of old and new in fashion inspire how they think about architecture and revitalization.

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To read more about their multilayered approach to urban renewal, visit bldgs.org

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Written by Shannon Randall

Photos by Justin Weaver


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