Artists We’re Tracking: Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks AA DT-28

Chicago-based garage-rock band, Twin Peaks reminds us why we love rock n’ roll. They bring a youthful freshness to the genre that takes you back to the glory of the good old house show days, which they still play. We caught the band at a show in New York City to discuss who they’re listening to and how fashion and aesthetics play into their music.

How did Twin Peaks come together?

Within the magic of the Chire, joined in a vision of a better world united by rock & roll, not dissimilar to Bill & Ted.

How does the Chicago music scene influence your music? 

Many of our favorite bands are the ones we see at home regularly. Chicago has a very driven music scene with no hate for the game. Both the sounds and vision of the bands around us are inspiring.

What’s more fun, intimate smaller shows or playing to a big crowd?

Both are awesome experiences, but it’s nice playing at a house because everyone is part of the party.

Who are you guys listening to now?

Currently listening to Jimmy Cliff while driving through beautiful terrain en route to Montreal. GZA’s Liquid Swords is up next.

How do you think style plays into music for you guys personally and in general?

A lot of culture is aesthetic, I like things that look cool. Clothing included. The Alternative Pocket Tee is nice, very comfortable too, which is great on the road.

What’s next for Twin Peaks?

Playing shows and writing tunes, we’re gonna keep doin what we do.


Twin Peaks AA DT-6
Twin Peaks AA DT-15

Written by Kate Koeller

Photos by Daniel Topete

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