Summer T-Shirt DIY

We believe the power of the t-shirt is that it acts as a blank canvas that can be transformed. In this project series, our design team walks through some simple techniques you can use to customize your tees for some easy summer DIYs.


Women’s Crop Tee


Step 1: Fold your Alternative Tee in half


Step 2: Measure the tee to whatever length you feel most comfortable with and make a mark on the shirt. We went with 18” from the center front.



Step 3: Decide how high you want the sides of your t-shirt to go, measure and make a mark. We went with 13” on the side creating a 5” shirttail.


Step 4: Use your measure tape to connect your 3 points


Step 5: Cut along the line. No need for a perfect cut, the imperfections make it look cool.


Step 6: Measure 1” from the top and bottom of the seam of each sleeve and make a mark.


Step 7: Curve your measuring tape and draw a line connecting the dots. Cut along the line to create a cap sleeve.


Step 8: Measure your neckband to leave a ½” on the shirt. Cut the remainder of the neckband off, this leaves a cool undone look.


Unisex Deconstructed Tee



Step 1: Use an oversized Alternative Tee and cut off the neckline


Step 2: Wear the shirt inside out to show the exposed seam and remove the care label.


Step 3: Cut off the shirt sleeves at the seam to create a raw edge


Step 4: Measure the back collar of the shirt and make a mark at the 4” and 7.5” mark


Step 5: Fold a ½” depth pleat where you made your mark


Step 6: Sew the pleat using any embroidery stitch that you are most comfortable with. We used a chain stitch.


Step 7: Sew the pleat down at the top so that it sits flat



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Written by Kate Koeller

Images by Andrew Lee

Modeled by Michelle Woo + Tim Yang

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