Shibori Indigo Dye DIY – Part 2


Indigo and its place in Japanese culture has hugely influenced our Spring ’14 collection. In the second installment of our shibori indigo dye DIY our Director of Product Development, Tiffani Williams, shows us how to transform simple white shirts into completely original pieces. Learn a variation of techniques borrowed from Japanese history dating back to the 8th century. Visit part one for indigo preparation instruction and a variation of dyeing techniques using scarves.


Dyeing Process:


Step 1: open your pot of indigo and remove the flower on the top. The flower is the layer of film that forms during the dye setting process.

Step 2: submerge whatever you are dyeing into the small pot of water

Step 3: submerge whatever you are dyeing into the indigo for several minutes. Lightly massage the indigo into your item so that it absorbs into all of the sections you would like it to. Don’t let your fabric sit on the bottom of the pot as there are particles that have settled and will create unevenness.

Step 4: remove dyed product from indigo

Step 5: remove any rubberbands, rocks, etc that were used for dyeing

Step 6: hang dry and allow all items to oxidize and dry

Note: the indigo liquid is actually a bright green. The fabric will turn more blue as you allow it to oxidize. If you are going for a dark indigo color, allow fabric to oxidize for 20 – 30 minutes and re-submerge in the indigo for a second time.

1) Arashi Shibori: Rubber Bands



Step 1: roll the shirt up tightly from sleeve to sleeve

Step 2: mark placement where you want white stripes to appear on the shirt with a pencil

Step 3: wrap rubber bands in places where you marked for stripes to appear

2) Kumo Shibori: Rocks



Step 1: place the rocks in the middle of a long sleeve tee

Step 2: wrap rocks individually on inside of shirt using rubber bands

Arashi Shibori: Rubber Bands




Step 1:  unroll your yarn and fold it in half

Step 2: rubber band 6 times tightly

Written by: Tiffani Williams & Kate Koeller

Concepts by: Tiffani Williams

Photos by: Andrew Lee

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