Revive Upholstery by Leland Duck


Leland Duck isn’t your typical upholsterer. He transforms vintage pieces by recovering them in unconventional fabrics such as army canvas tents, vintage Pendleton wool, and waxed canvas. The end result is a wholly original item of furniture and a covetable work of art from Revive Upholstery & Design.

His passion for cars took him to automotive trade school in Wyoming where he grew up. To fill out his schedule he ended up taking an upholstery class on a whim thinking that it would be fun to do the interior of his own car. It came as a surprise that he ended up loving the class so much and he began focusing in on upholstery. He continued to work on cars for a few years but when he moved to Portland he didn’t have the room necessary and started to focus on furniture, which he discovered he likes even more.

Working amongst a group of craftspeople in a lofty space above the Beam and Anchor lifestyle store, which specializes in independent design with a distinctly Northwest aesthetic, Leland is inspired by the creativity around him. You’ll find everyone from soap makers to canoe makers all working under the same roof.

“I think Portland in general is just the best place to be…people support it…I don’t know if I could do what I’m doing anywhere else and make a living off of it. The great thing about it is you can have fun and still pay the bills.”

Sustainability is a big part of what he’s doing, rescuing furniture that might otherwise be destined for the dump and using vintage fabrics, but the attraction to vintage is also aesthetic. Furniture of the past was considered a major investment and built to last generations. By looking to vintage sources it’s possible to find high quality pieces with great bones.

“The older stuff is just made so much better than the new stuff and you can completely customize it instead of just going to the store and buying something right off the shelf.”

Plans for the future include a small line of furniture such as ottomans and throw pillows and more home accessories that can be repeated on a regular basis.

Bria Phillips

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