Play Series, Pt 2: BMX

Our athletic cuts are made to move. So we tapped one of our favorite photographers Matt Johnson to capture some of our best basics in motion.

In a three-part photo story we’re calling our Play Series, we asked Matt to head out on location and shoot everyday athletes doing their thing.

Matt Johnson on the Play Series:

Though it’s pretty common for a photoshoot to be attributed as a ‘lifestyle’ shoot, it’s not as often that the lifestyle being captured is genuine. It’s usually, “Stand there, hold this, pretend, act as if…” That sort of thing. Sometimes those images can come out great, but if it’s an option, I’ll always prefer the photoshoot where the story being told is an authentic one. If the images are truly representative of who that person is—the actual ‘style’ in which they live their life—that’s always going to add value to an image. That’s what I enjoyed about shooting the Play Series, there’s nothing disingenuous about what these photos are saying.





For our Play Series, Pt. 2: BMX, we feature BMXer Aaron Nardi.

Matt on Aaron:

It was a pleasure to get a sense of the Los Angeles BMX community through Aaron. After a couple street scouting days I was eventually given Aaron’s number. I told him about the project, and he reached out on his phone and through social media to see if there were any other riders both in town, and without injury, who could meet up. I connected with Aaron and Taylor the next day and watched them inspect the dirt jumps, admire the progress fellow riders have made on them over the years. Listened to them discuss other discreet locations that the community was working on converting, or unlucky spots that had been destroyed—I was excited by the notion that all these guys were keeping in touch with each other in order keep alive what they were passionate about.

Location: Orange County, California



Photos by Matt Johnson

Interview by Shannon Randall

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    Willa Kammerer

    Awesome — I love the concept! I would love the opportunity to take in a different creative direction by capturing your clothing in action (or life) in video. Let’s talk more if you’re interested! I love your aesthetic and philosophy.

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