Trending: His & Hers

Some relationships are low-key, while others are all about PDA. Either way, coordinated, matching outfits are usually reserved only for Halloween costumes or intentionally tacky Christmas cards. However, the his-and-hers trend is gaining popularity and quickly becoming the go-to way… Read More


Fabric First: To Dye For

In our Garment-Dyed collection, we make each piece before dying it as a complete item as opposed to the traditional process of constructing garments from pre-dyed fabrics. Our process creates a softer, shrink-resistant fabric with the richest color saturation you’ve ever… Read More

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Fabric First: Eco-Fleece

Inspired by classic gym wear and made with a blend of polyester, cotton and rayon, our eco-fleece is a timeless classic. Our iconic medium-weight Eco-Fleece is knit on machines calibrated to replicate a vintage-soft look and feel. The fabric undergoes… Read More


Insta Inspo: Hoodies

Hoodies are timeless, classic and versatile. Keep it casual and pair them with sweatpants, let them take the spotlight with a pair of jeans or layer them for added warmth, you just can’t go wrong. With endless styling possibilities, here… Read More


Re:loom – Weaving a Better Life

What happens when one’s time in a homeless shelter is up and they haven’t garnered any new skills during their time there? They are back to where they started. This is exactly the worry that led Lisa, the founder, to… Read More


Fabric First: Eco-Jersey

Created with intention and attention, our eco-jersey incorporates recycled polyester, organic cotton and rayon. The classic medium-weight jersey is knit on machines calibrated to replicate the look and feel of a well-worn vintage tee. Given the fabric’s versatile qualities, we have created a collection of… Read More


2015 Highlights

Has 2015 flown by or is it just us? It’s been a year of ups and downs, but we want to take a moment to look back at the highlights: the news, the pop culture and the Alternative. As we… Read More