The Future of the LA River

Imagine train yards transformed into lush public spaces. Picture spending the day strolling along a terraced river walk as light-rail commuter cars stream by on trestled tracks. This is the future of the LA River and its surrounding areas as… Read More


Living Walls

    Our first year I had a very small trajectory in street art. People assumed we were uninformed about graffiti because none of the bigger artists were getting involved. But once the first conference happened things changed. We have… Read More


Let’s Play: Merriment Hardware

When the three friends returned home to their full-time jobs in San Francisco, they began prototyping paddles. But instead of low-quality pinewood typically used, they sourced 100% reclaimed wood, learning to woodwork each piece by hand as they went and… Read More


Solar Living Center

Hissing up northbound 101 on a wet spring day, the first visible sign of the Real Goods Solar Living Center is a windmill of the rustic American farm variety overlooking an array of gleaming, futuristic blue-black solar panels. A nod… Read More


Revive Upholstery by Leland Duck

  Leland Duck isn’t your typical upholsterer. He transforms vintage pieces by recovering them in unconventional fabrics such as army canvas tents, vintage Pendleton wool, and waxed canvas. The end result is a wholly original item of furniture and a… Read More

Insa-2 copy

L.A. Freewalls Project

There’s a giant, decomposing sea lion carcass at 7th & Mateo near downtown Los Angeles. The size of a school bus, its ribs and skull are protruding with inevitable persistence through its deteriorating flesh. According to city regulations it should… Read More