Nightwood Reincarnated Furniture Turns Trash into Treasures

Nadia Yaron and Myriah Scruggs are bringing new meaning to the term vintage décor. As co-founders of the Brooklyn-based Nightwood, the design duo not only salvages and refurbishes abandoned furniture, but they completely reconstruct entire pieces from recycled scraps of wood and fabric to produce reincarnated furniture and textiles.


“We like to take abandoned materials and make nice things out of them in our own way,” Yaron says humbly of her unique, hand-crafted works of art. “Sometimes we take old fabrics from inside of chairs and re-use those. We use old house paints and stains, old canvases and plywood to make paintings on—whatever we can find really.” The result is a collection of pieces that are simultaneously earthy and airy with a “rustic modern woodland sensibility” as Yaron describes it.

Always creating and moving onto the next thing, the two lovely ladies are about to launch their new Ghost line, which incorporates primitive weaving techniques and natural dyes. If you’re in downtown Brooklyn, check out the one-of-a-kind Nightwood pop-up space where Yaron and Scruggs are constantly reinventing themselves and their work.

×Melissa Metcalf
photos by Scott Richards

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    brooklyn is filled to the brim with talented artists. dig that.

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