Modern Creatives: The O’Dells


Meet the O’Dells. Jason and Laura are the creative couple behind Los Angeles boutique Bucks & Does. Nestled in the heart of Silverlake’s Sunset Junction, the boutique boasts an eclectic collection of clothing, accessories, jewelry, apothecary and shoes.

Of course, the store’s pride and joy is their own label, The O’Dells. But they also carry handpicked pieces from some of the coolest lines in fashion and home, including some of our very own Alternative seasonal styles and perennial best basics.

We recently popped over to Silverlake to visit them and ask all about how it is to work with the one you love.


How does being married with kids play into your creative life as business/boutique owners?

Laura: Being married to your business partner is, in my opinion, the best business partner you could ever ask for. We oftentimes meet about what’s happening with the company after our kids go to bed. We’re constantly brainstorming and chatting about work when we’re not at work. This may sound lame or boring but we actually love it. We’re both pretty creative so we’re constantly bouncing ideas off each other and it never feels like “work.” When we’re with the kids however we try to make it a point to put the phones down and actually stop working so we can focus on them and be the best parents we can be.

Jason: Laura is my best friend and we work great together. We are both very driven people as well as creative so we constantly analyze our business. We get to travel the world with one another and call it “work,” which it is not. It’s a passion, an adventure… When we are with the kids, it’s a no phone zone. Everything can wait a few hours, and we usually cover anything we didn’t get to during the day, once the kids go to bed.


How you do you handpick which brands to sell in your store?

Laura: The brands I chose for the store are all a reflection of my own personal style. It’s a pretty simple formula to follow. If I wouldn’t wear it I won’t order it. Period.

Jason: I follow my gut, if I like it, and I would personally wear it, then I will bring it in the store. I don’t waiver in my buys. I’m very decisive.


BucksandDoes_AlternativeApparel_006 BucksandDoes_AlternativeApparel_012

What makes Alternative a good fit for Bucks & Does?

Laura: Alternative is great because the clothes are comfortable but the designs are spot-on trend without being at all “trendy.” Nothing is fussy or over-designed which I love.   

Jason: The details, I’m really into details. With my photography background, I had to constantly see every detail in a photograph. I have transferred that over to fashion. Alternative has classic bodies with great subtle details.

Describe your personal style. What are some of your favorite pieces from Alternative?

Laura: My personal style is very tomboy-chic. I’m a big fan of boyfriend jeans right now and my go-to staple item that I could never live without is a white cotton tee shirt. I love pairing a great white tee with jeans, heels and a great clutch bag for nighttime. Alternative makes wonderful basics that fit impeccably.

Jason: I would say my style is a rugged gentlemen. Sometimes I ride a motorcycle to work, but I don’t dress like a biker. I also skateboard, but don’t really dress like a skater. I blend everything into one. Boots, slim chinos rolled up, and an Alternative V-neck and a slim-fitting button up.

Written by Shannon Randall

Photos by Erik Dixon


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