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A modern creative pushes oneself to be always innovative in their creative endeavors. They are multi-talented and constantly working to better their craft. Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne of Tiger Tiger are a photography and directing duo doing just that. They use their collaborative process as a way to sharpen their eye for simplicity and minimalism.

Modern creatives inspire us, so we joined Hana and Jen for a day in their studio to find out what inspires them.

How did Tiger Tiger Studio start?

We are best friends and creative types who need to be creating constantly. A little over five years ago we realized that we could most clearly express ourselves and our ideas through images and film. We went all in and taught ourselves how to shoot. When you find that outlet it’s freeing so there was no question or hesitation. We had to shoot.

How would you describe your style of photography? 

Cinematic and colorful.



How does simplicity and minimalism play into your work? 

We both really respect simplicity and minimalism in our lives and then it overflows into our work. Simplicity isn’t an easy task, which is part of the reason we appreciate it so much.  

What is the advantage of being a team rather than working alone? 

There are a million tiny elements that go into shooting and it’s great to have both of us watching out for the little details. Also, we’re big believers in these sayings “iron sharpens iron” and “two heads are better than one.” We challenge and drive each other’s limits and creativity. By being together we sharpen each other to become better.



Do you prefer to shoot film or digital?  

We definitely love both, but we are leaning towards film at the moment. It’s just so beautiful and you can’t beat the coloring it produces. The whole process of shooting film makes you slow down, every shot has tons of purpose because you can’t take it back or redo. Also, it really keeps you present because you aren’t stopping to review your shots.

How would you explain your personal style and how you incorporate menswear into it? 

We’re really into monochromatic clothing right now and have lots of black and white in our closets. We love how clean it looks and it seems to make getting dressed easier which is awesome.

Jen: I usually throw in once piece of menswear when I can. I like that the men’s cuts are more simple and straightforward. They’re great basics! A good piece of menswear makes me feel sexy.

View Hana & Jen’s favorite pieces here




  • Reply November 14, 2014


    Love their taste for simplicity yet classy looking apparels. Go Tiger Tiger. ..

  • Reply October 17, 2014


    Tiger Tiger is the best. JEN & HANA did a portfolio of great shots of my daughter. Everyone remarks on how great they are !

  • Reply October 14, 2014

    David Szilvagyi

    Gorgeous hardworking girls who do great work. More success to TigerTiger!!!

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