Meet Megan Huntz, Design Director

MeganHuntz_CommonThread-6The first thing Megan Huntz wants you to know about her is that she’s from Atlanta. Like Alternative, she’s grown up with the city; she loves its weather, its history, its green spaces—and the space Atlanta has given her, since moving back in 2010, to do the kind of intentional, slow-mode design that’s come to define her as a maker. That work now includes Alternative, where she oversees design. “I’m super proud that Alternative is from here, and it’s nice to have the whole company work together under one roof,” Megan says. “It’s very purposeful.”

Being purposeful—whether in the construction of a dress or the selection of a space she calls home—is somewhat of a refrain for Megan, and it’s guided her career from the start. After studying industrial design at Pratt, she worked for a few years at a graphic design agency in Atlanta before realizing she wanted to pursue fashion. Megan packed up and moved to Italy to study fashion at the Domus Academy in Milan. “They called it a Master’s Express,” she jokes of the one-year program. But her time in Italy was anything but fleeting.MeganHuntz_CommonThread-1After graduating Domus, Megan stayed in Italy, working for a concept store called Lazzari and designing for companies such as MaxMara. “Italy had a huge impact on my formation as a designer,” she says. “I saw the amazing consequences of working smaller and closer. All these Italian companies were having global success not because they were making a ton of stuff, but because they stuck to what they knew how to do best. And they did it so well.” She internalized that lesson in quality—and quantity—and in 2010, launched her own line of minimalist dresses known for their original prints, textured fabrics, and intricate craftsmanship. “I never wanted to be a designer at a huge fashion company,” she says. “I chose the route I did because it connected with my values. I think there’s a divine creativity that flows through all of us; when you create, you honor that. So what you chose to create is really important. It should do something worthwhile; it should show us something about ourselves.”MeganHuntz_CommonThread-4

Here at Alternative, Megan sees those same values: we aren’t on a mission to reinvent a hundred products, but to make a precise collection of staples that are meant to be worn again and again, from sweatshirts to tees. Megan still has the first t-shirt that meant something to her: a basic white hand-me-down from her older brother that’s full of holes and white paint splatter. “I still wear it. I love the idea of beauty in imperfections, and we’re very much about that here at Alternative” she says. “It’s not about flaws, but about differences. And we celebrate those differences. At the end of the day, we want to make products that people can wear and feel like their true selves.”




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