Making Moves: Sarah Ezrin

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Sarah Ezrin began her yoga practice in college, eventually quitting her demanding job in the film industry to do what she loved fulltime and become a yoga teacher. When she’s not traveling the world leading workshops and retreats, she’s often teaching at LA’s Yogaworks, making her a perfect partner for our new activewear collection, Move.

She’s been teaching free Friday morning classes at our Larchmont location, open to the public, helping us get centered before getting to work! We caught up with Sarah to find out what moves her.

What inspires you to move? Feeling good from the inside out. There is nothing more healing than movement and breath!

How do you move through the world differently? I try to move through the world consciously. Though we work with the body, yoga is really about developing greater awareness and presence in your entire life. This world is incredible and I want to be awake to soak every second of it in.

Playlist: Music has always played an important part of my life.  My dad is in the music business and so I have been jamming out and going to concerts since I was little. In my classes I play a lot of atmospheric stuff like Bonobo and London Grammar. Lately I have been obsessed with Alt-J and Mr. Little Jeans, and then there are my eternal favorites, like Portishead.

Favorite eats: I am vegan Monday through Thursday, but come the weekend a girl has got to have some sushi and ice cream and sometimes together. My favorite healthy spot is Crossroads on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CA. Vegans and non-vegans alike will love this special spot. My guilty pleasure is single shot soy lattes from Starbucks.

Hidden talent / hobbies / creative endeavors: I am scarily good at remembering people’s names and I can untangle any necklace anytime. I do a LOT of yoga (like a lot; did I say a lot?), but I also love to travel. I’m learning Spanish right now. I love using my brain as much as my body.

Why partner with Move by Alternative? I love Alternative, not only for their incredible style, but also for being an eco and humanity conscious company. It is just bonus that the clothes are super soft and fit amazingly!


Written by Emily Michaels

Photos by Andrew Lee

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