Making Moves: Naja Crawford


Yoga instructor and camp counselor, Naja Crawford brings lots of love to everything she does. “This summer, I did yoga with all the kids at camp and they loved it.” Credentialed in Core Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Naja doesn’t just practice yoga. She’s into beach volleyball, tennis, and of course there’s a lot of running around with the kids as a counselor at Tocaloma Summer Day Camp in Los Angeles.

Because Naja is so unique in how she moves and marries her varied interests, we tapped her to be part of an extraordinary group of women that inspire us and our new activewear line Move. She is a MoveMaker and we’re honored to have her energy and expertise. Here Naja shares how she makes an impact in her community and beyond. 


What inspires you to move?

So many things! I only get one body and one life. The least I can do is take the best care of myself possible. When I’m moving, I feel progressive and motivated to keep moving. I want to be 90 and as active as I am at 20. My chiropractor says, “It’s not about the years, it’s about the miles.”

Being young is a state of mind that I plan to embody forever.

How do you move through the world differently?

My intention is to move through life in love. Love expresses itself in many ways. I choose to see the good in all people and seek understanding of what may not make sense to me, but perfect sense to someone else. My generation is very focused on popularity and prominence. So any chance I get to stand for something I always try to emphasize the importance of making an individual mark on our world that will matter in the future.

Playlist: Ah! My eclectic music taste knows no bounds. An average playlist for me can start with Elton John, Hall & Oates, India Arie, any 80-90’s hip-hop, and definitely throw some Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé in the mix.

Favorites eats: My palate is just as eclectic as my taste in music. I really enjoy making salads, sometimes with fish or chicken, always with some nut cheese and fruit combo. Also I can never turn down a sushi date, take-out Chinese or Thai food. For the record, the Chinese must be to-go, tastes better from a take-out box. For dessert, anything à la mode (with ice cream) is a good thing.

Creative endeavors: I love to sing! I’ll jam with whomever. Currently learning to play the guitar, so I can start jamming with myself. I love sports, always down to get a group together and play. I’m super competitive, all in good fun of course. I’m also a trivia enthusiast. I’ll research any and everything. It amazes me how much there is to know.

Why partner with Move by Alternative?

I’ve always been a fan of Alternative. Comfort meets simplicity, it’s the perfect line for me. I also love the way the clothes fit. So when I got the chance to partner with Move, I was stoked! I feel grateful to represent women in motion. 


Written by Shannon Randall

Photos by Andrew Lee

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    Xavious Gary

    Very Intelligent, Bright, Caring, Energetic, Positive, Refined lady that’s on a mission for better things in life! Keep striving greatness.

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