Making Moves: Meet Kimberly & Sherri of YAS


This year, we partnered with the ladies of YAS to celebrate the launch of our new activewear line Move by Alternative. With a neighboring studio not far from our Venice Beach Abbot Kinney store, they threw a super successful sold-out event where they led their signature style workout class combining yoga and spinning. We asked Sherri and Kimberly to share some stories about what moves them.

Names: Sherri Rosen & Kimberly Fowler

Activity: Sherri: Yoga & Spinning®. Kimberly: Yoga & Spinning®. Owner of YAS Fitness Centers, creator of Yoga for Athletes® Author of The No OM Zone & Flat Belly Yoga! (Rodale) Named “The God Mother of Yoga Hybrids” by Shape & Self Magazine.

City: Venice

What inspires you to move? Sherri: I have to. I have been an athlete my whole life. Kimberly: I was born moving. I have always been an athlete. I was a professional Triathlete back in the late 80’s & early 90’s.

How do you move through the world differently? Sherri: I try to inspire others. Kimberly: I live in workout clothes, when your life revolves around Fitness your eye goes towards how people move more than how you move yourself.

Playlist: Sherri: I’m music junky. I have over 10,000 songs in my ITunes library. My favorite bands are: Foo Fighters & Led Zeppelin and when I teach spin I love to play Mash-Ups. Kimberly: I grew up in the 70’s, so “Rock & Roll” is my thing. If you’re coming to my Yoga class, you might hear all Led Zeppelin.

Menu: Sherri: I am a wino. I LOVE my Chardonnay, oh wait…that’s not food.. My favorite food is Sushi. I think it’s the perfect food. I also love a great Filet. Kimberly: I’m so not a foodie but Sherri is & she loves to cook. I love Tofutti Vanilla Almond Bark Ice Cream!

Creative endeavors: Sherri: I love to cook. It’s a hobby & I find it a creative outlet. I also love to grow herbs (not that kind…). Kimberly: Being an entrepreneur, there are times you just work 24 hours a day. But I’m also an author, and consider myself a very good listener.

Why partner with Move by Alternative?  Sherri: I think Move by Alternative is all about quality and integrity and so is YAS.  It’s a perfect partnership. Kimberly: I feel Alternative has some of the same core values as YAS does. They are “authentic” which is something I strive to maintain at YAS.

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Written by Shannon Randall

Photos by Andrew Goodman

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