Making Moves: Kate Hutter


Kate Hutter is more than a dancer-choreographer. A true mover-and-shaker, Kate co-founded the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) almost a decade ago and continues to lead the company as Artistic Director. Not only has Kate presented her choreography at prestigious venues throughout L.A., she has also served as movement director for cool bands like indie-rockers Foster the People.

Because Kate is a creative leader in the arts, we tapped her to be part of an extraordinary group of women that inspire us and our new activewear collection Move. She is a MoveMaker and we’re honored to have her energy and expertise.

Dancers inspire us, but what inspires a dancer? Here Kate shares what moves her. 


What inspires you to move?  An internal fire that resides in my gut and calls me to action. My curiosity and interest to feel boundless and feel the velocity of my body traveling through space. My dance community and other people inspire me to move and express myself through dance. And then there is music…such a wonderful muse to movement.

An internal fire that resides in my gut and calls me to action.

How do you move through the world differently?  I find myself constantly surveying the rhythm and patterns of unorganized movement in the world, and enjoying the serendipitous moments of harmony and symmetry, as well as collision and discourse. I also find myself moving and gesturing wildly even when having a simple conversation…it is just my mode of communication. I sometimes can be found tap dancing or swaying through the aisles of the grocery store envisioning and making up choreography as I go.

Playlist:  Right now…summer dance jams. I am a glutton for Top-40s artists like Calvin Harris and Iggy Azalea. But that is intermingled with beautiful string pieces by classical composer Ezio Bosso, and new indie jams by Foster the People, Vampire Weekend, and a newcomer to my playlist – Broods and Sylvan Esso.

Favorite eats: Healthy favorites – avocado with salt, pepper, oil & vinegar and carrot/kale/lemon/cucumber juice. Guilty pleasure – summer nights at the taco truck on Alvarado – pastor mulitas and asada tacos with a horchata.

Creative outlet: I have two horses and love to go galloping through Griffith Park with them. I grew up riding in rodeos in Northern Nevada. It feels great to get back to my wild west roots!

Why partner with Move by Alternative?  The clothing is classy, well-made, and takes into consideration a number of body types and figures in their cut and fit. I think the brand is supported by an amazing team of deeply passionate and driven designers and staff who really care about the integrity of their work and their influence on the communities that they serve. They reach out and get to really know their customers on a deeply personal level. They have supported L.A. Contemporary Dance Company in numerous ways, and continue to remain invested in my personal work as a mover and shaker in the community. I happen to move as part of my profession, but they have done an excellent job to reach out to women from all different professions with differing relationships to fitness and movement. They are holistic in their approach and are an amazing brand that goes beyond just the clothes.


Written by Shannon Randall

Photos by Andrew Lee

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