It Gets Better


Growing up isn’t easy. We all know kids, teens and even twenty-somethings have a rough time at some point. Well this is especially true for LGBT kids and teens, who often hide their sexuality for fear of bullying. The good thing is these days when youth feel like they have nowhere to turn or no one understands them, they can find words of encouragement and the promise that it gets better.

Just last month, Alternative donated t-shirts to Rudy’s Barbershop in partnership with the It Gets Better Project (IGB) to create the It Gets Better Collaborative T-Shirt. It’s an honor to be part of a movement that gives hope to LGBT youth.

When Rudy’s first partnered with IGB in 2012, their tee quickly sold out and was in high demand (especially when actor Andrew Garfield wore it in the blockbuster film The Amazing Spiderman 2). This year, the limited edition tee (with a run of just 500) sold out within 48 hours.

Proceeds from each shirt were donated to IGB, and if you search around you still may be able to get your hands on one of the sold-out tees at Rudy’s or the Ace Hotel.

We can’t wait to team up with It Gets Better and Rudy’s again soon. Creating tees for a good cause is always a positive thing.

Written by Shannon Randall

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