Introducing the 4-Way Stretch


Fabric innovation is the foundation of everything we do; therefore as we designed our new activewear collection, Move by Alternative we were thrilled by the opportunity to focus on fabrics for movement. One of the most exciting new tech fabrics in the collection is our 4-Way Stretch. It moves comfortably with your body and has natural wicking qualities that draw sweat away to keep you cool and dry.

To showcase 4-Way Stretch’s flexibility and provide quick tips on incorporating move into your daily routine, yogi Tiffany Russo of Tiffany Russo Yoga breaks down simple daily stretches that increase range of motion and help to relieve stress. Take 30 minutes out of your morning or night to care for your mind and body.

Side Body Stretch:



This easy side body stretch allows for the body to move in a way that most everyday actions don’t call for. This stretch will help you feel “unstuck” and with more room to breathe!

If seated: Root down into the earth with your thighs. On an inhale, reach one arm up to the sky, exhale and lean on to the other arm as you lengthen the side body. The more you walk the bottom arm out to the side, the deeper the stretch will be into the side, waist and ribs.

Gomukhasana Arms:


This stretch is great for the entire shoulder area and can help with range of motion.

Bottom arm: Take your L hand behind your back and press the back of your hand into your back body.  While pressing your L hand into your back, gently press the front L shoulder back. This will create a stretch across the front of the shoulder.  If this is enough, stay here and breathe. You can slide your hand up your back for a deeper stretch.

Top arm: Lift your right hand to the ceiling. From the shoulder, roll the arm so the palm faces the wall behind you. Bend that elbow.

With your L hand, reach for your R. Keep your head level and breathe! Go easy with this one. You may feel it mostly in the bottom shoulder.

Reclined Spinal Twist:



A gentle stretch for the spine and outer hips.

Lie on your back with both knees bent, feet on the floor. Bring one knee into the chest and straighten the other leg on the floor. Take an inhale, and on the exhale, with your opposite hand, cross the knee over the body into an easy twist. Be more interested in keeping both shoulders evenly pressing into the floor rather than getting the knee to the floor. If your low back is tender, rest your knee on something.

Stay here and breathe as long as you would like and then switch sides.

Chest Opener:


Start by sitting and actively reaching your legs straight out in front of you.  Place your hands behind you, fingers facing towards your hips. Spread your fingers and begin to lean back on the hands and push the floor away at the same time. On your next inhale, press the shoulder blades into the chest to open the front body, and exhale as the top chest rises, the bottom ribs reach to the hips. Then pull your upper arms to the wall behind you as the shoulders slide away from the ears.

Intro by Kate Koeller
Daily stretches by Tiffany Russo
Photos by Andrew Lee


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