Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit landfall in southeast Texas on August 25. Now, almost a month later, its destruction is still affecting many parts of the country with an estimated $75 billion of damage. Its wrath left more than 30,000 Texas residents displaced from their homes, without basic resources necessary to live, like food, water, hygiene products, clothing, etc.

At Alternative, we all wanted to do our part and help in the most impactful way possible. So, we rallied together as a company to collect resources for those affected in the Houston, Texas area.


In partnership with Southside Skatepark in Houston, our Alternative staff donated several boxes of clothing, shoes, pet supplies and hygiene products as an immediate response to the damage of Harvey.



While the giving of resources is essential in the days after the storm, the destruction of Harvey will take years to rebuild. In support of the long-term rebuild of the area affected by the storm, we provided t-shirts for many fundraising events in Texas, including the “Harvey Can’t Mess With Texas” benefit concert with artists like James Taylor, Willie Nelson and Leon Bridges.

As one of our brand values, we believe in the ability to make a positive impact, inspire and empower individuals. Through our commitment to community involvement, we are constantly looking for ways we can be part of the solution – this is just one instance.


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