How We Wear Our Favorites: Vol 7

We love the soft basics we create so much that we live in Alternative just like you do. Since you share how you #WearAlternative with us, we thought it was only fair that we do the same. Here are some of our Alternative favorites styled by some of our favorite people.

Meet Jeremy
Purchasing & Production Coordinator
Years at Alternative: 1/2
Favorite Item: Distressed Heritage Tee
Why: “I love its broken in look & feel from the first wear!”


When Jeremy isn’t in the office, he’s busy traveling the world. He just got back from Palau and is currently planning a trip to Tokyo for the end of the year.

Meet Brinesha
Customer Service Rep, E-Commerce
Years at Alternative: 1 (in October!)
Favorite item: Straight Up T-Shirt Dress
Why: “When I’m in a hurry, this is my go-to outfit – it can be worn with a cool pair of sneakers or dressed up with a cute pair of mules. Plus, it’s super soft & comfy!”


When Bri isn’t busy helping customers, you can catch her at brunch with friends!

Meet Corey
Associate Designer
Years at Alternative: 1/2
Favorite Item: Challenger Hoodie
Why: “There’s nothing in my closet that I love more than an easy pullover hoodie- added bonus that this one is in our super-soft Eco-Fleece! I can just throw it on with a pair of jeans & take on the rest of the day in style.”


When Corey isn’t designing, he might be taking a spontaneous camping trip, grabbing beer with friends or just binging Netflix.

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