Graphic Artist Daryl Rogers


Growing up in Northern California during the early nineties, Daryl Rogers was a staple in the area’s punk rock scene. While most of his friends were in bands, “I wasn’t much of a musician,” he admits, and so he turned his attention to art, creating posters and flyers to promote his friends’ shows. 

Daryl soon started experimenting with different art forms—everything from photocopy art to wheat pasting to graffiti. His guerilla style was heavily influenced by early zines, particularly Cometbus, the popular 80s and 90s zine about East Bay punk rock subculture. After studying graphic design in San Francisco, Daryl decided to stick around the Bay Area, where he has lived and worked for 12 years, creating his mixed media artwork, which “combines the digital and the handmade.”

These days, Daryl is into the cycling scene as well as the punk scene. “It’s one of the most efficient ways for me to channel my never-ending foot-tapping energy,” he says of his favorite sport. “Driving a car and riding the bus were always endless frustrations for me, so being able to effortlessly flow through traffic never ceases to put a smile on my face.”

An avid cyclist with a passion for travel, he not only rides for a local cyclocross team, but he’s also designing new stickers, posters and apparel for the upcoming cycle season. Recently, Daryl worked with his cyclocross team sponsors, steel frame fabricator Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles and SF-based bike shop Fresh Air Bicycles to design a collaborative bike.

This winter, Alternative partnered with Daryl to create a limited-edition collection of graphic tees featuring his mixed media designs. A mix of photography and hand calligraphy, the tees reflect his classic street art style where the photos are processed through photocopiers and then deconstructed.

“I love going back to old photographs and seeing what I’ve done in the past, and how I can turn them into something bigger,” says Daryl. “I like to take those memories and process them to make them epic.”

With a store opening in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley in December, Alternative found Daryl to be the perfect partner to capture the art and lifestyle of the city, as well as kick-start its Artist Co-Op program. Alternative’s graphic tees by Daryl Rogers are available now online and in Alternative retail stores.

Melissa Metcalf

Photos by Daniel Morris

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