Falling Whistles: A Campaign for Peace in Congo

When Sean Carasso went to Africa to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007, he never imagined a business endeavor would come out of just a single experience on a single day. Carasso wrote a powerful journal entry one night about his experiences describing the horrible sights and sounds of the war in Congo along with his encounter with four young soldiers who were told to stare danger and fear in the eye with only a whistle as protection.


After publishing his journal entry, Carasso revved up encouragement from readers who wanted to know how they could lend a hand in Congo. With the motto, “be a whistleblower for peace,” he formed the non-profit organization Falling Whistles and started creating whistles to sell as a symbol of protest to supporters. The passionate men and women behind Falling Whistles strongly believe in the power of speaking out to put an end to a decade-long war resulting in more than six million deaths.


Proceeds from purchasing these one-of-a-kind whistles go toward helping children escape the frontlines of war. The money is used for behind-the-scenes work, partnerships with Congolese leaders and building advocacy campaigns across the world.  The whistles themselves come in a variety of metals including gold, bronze, copper and gunmetal, and hang on metal chains, leather strings and nautical ropes.

So, where you can you score these stylish whistles for a cause? At the Alternative flagship store, of course. If you’re in the L.A. area, stop by 1337 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. Or, you can call the store at 310.482.3316 to order by phone.

Make a difference and be a whistleblower for peace!

×Eleni Snider


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    Laura, you are so right. We each need to do what we can in our own way, but we have to do something.Mo, you are funny. And I loved the drive-by sueaql. I didn’t know you could hit that key! LOL!CKeene, it’s funny b/c just hours after posting this I found myself starting to grumble about dumb stuff. Hello? We have to retrain ourselves I think.Vintjunky, it is heartbreaking. What on earth is the matter with these monsters? I look at my own little boy, his sweet innocent face, imagine him in a situation like this. Nothing makes me breathe fire like injustices towards children.Loudmouth, hahaha! I don’t think I’m the chicest woman at church, but possibly the craziest. The good news is that everyone knows me what I’m about, so it’s all good.Lmcgrue32, you are sweet. Thank you! And yes, blow the whistle!! Curses on those big meanies!

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    My God that video was heart wrenching. It’s hard not to feel sick about the world sometimes…

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