Fall ’16 – Let’s Generate Some Warmth

As we start off the season, even before temperatures really start to drop, we yearn for change – we literally long for long sleeve.

CT Fall02880P1_WH_12

The concept for Fall/Winter ’16 celebrates this transition and sets the tone and intention for the rest of the season. Our fabrics and fits aren’t perfect. They’re real, they’re messy, they change with time and adapt to the people who wear them. They’re defined by character – and beautiful because of it.

The Art of Imperfection is an expression of this warmth: it’s a crooked smile, a favorite faded sweatshirt to bundle up in, a wobbly line.

CT Fall03501F2_03500F2_ECOGH_7

A look into our process: we design using our fabric-first approach, which means we let the fabrics inform the style. We create designs that speak to the inherent characteristics of our fabrics and communicate more about their development from start to finish. We design with purpose Рeach garment, fabrication and color serves a specific purpose. Think classic, yet relevant. Enduring style rather than a fleeting trend.

CT Fall03506QM_03502QM_SMK_3

As always, we’re committed to creating products responsibly. That means using low-impact dyes, washes with reclaimed water, certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes for our super-soft finishes.

Take a look, and let us know what you think.



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