Eco-Friendly Flowers: The Bouqs

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and no celebration of love is complete without flowers, eco-friendly flowers that is. The Bouqs is trying to change the flower industry with farm-to-door flowers that are only cut once you place the order. Not to mention, they are so gorgeous that we had to use them for all of our Valentine’s Day imagery. We chatted with Creative Director Dave Plafchan to learn more about their process.


Could you describe your farm-to-door process? What makes The Bouqs Co. more eco-friendly than other flower companies? is unique in that we’re the only flower company helping farmers practice sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible farming all over the world. Our farm-direct model helps them grow their business and retain more of the profits that would normally go to dozens of middlemen like wholesalers and distributors.  Our farm-to-table Bouqs are cut the day you order and shipped direct so they last.

Does this process compromise the quality of the flowers? 

Our model only increases the quality and service for the consumer, as they receive higher quality flowers faster that last up to 10 days longer when properly cared for. Our flowers ship directly from farms, so consumers receive them in 1-4 days after they’re cut vs. 12+ days it takes other flower companies. All of our farms practice sustainable farming practices and the majority are Rainforest Friendly Certified. We also create far less waste (1 in 3 of our competitors’ flowers die before ever being delivered), because we cut only when it’s time to ship.  And, a Bouq is better for the environment: we only work with socially responsible farms, we have no warehouses and create far less flower waste.

What sparked the idea for Bouqs?

The Bouqs Co.’s COO and CO-Founder, JP Montúfar, who also serves as our head Botanist in Ecuador, grew up on a flower farm and was frustrated by the lack of affordable, high quality and sustainable flowers available for order. Him and his college roommate (Founder and CEO John Tabis) got together and started The Bouqs Co.  to offer fresh, fashionable, and accessibly-priced flowers sourced only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms.

What has been your biggest success with The Bouqs so far? Biggest challenge?

My biggest success has been helping to grow the brand and turn my part-time opportunity into a full-time role at the company. For the first 2 years of the business, I had to work 2 jobs (I had a job in advertising). It was a lot of work, but challenging myself was rewarding and changed my life. Now, I have a job that I helped create, and I love it!

What inspires you?

Our company mission – The Bouqs Co. is bringing romance and delight back to what was once a nobel exchange. Or in other words, we want to make the act of giving flowers simple and delightful by changing the entire industry from the soil up. It’s fun to attempt great things!

Why flowers? What attracted you to this industry?

It wasn’t the flowers that attracted me,  it was the founders. John and JP are true business visionaries, not to mention all around great guys. So for me, it was all about working with the right personalities, and these guys had the traits that I needed to help me grow. I jumped on-board, and I’ve never looked back.

What’s next for The Bouqs Co.? 

Our goal is to change flower-buying behavior across the country by delivering on our promise to provide consumers the best possible experience at game-changing prices, while helping our partner farms and florists thrive. We plan to continue to grow our proprietary 1.5 billion stem supply chain, our curated artisan florist network, and the tech that enables them. This new funding will enable us to execute on critical technology and operational expansion to further our mission.







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