Designer DIY’s by Tiffany


As part of our Summer T-Shirt celebration, we tapped our Men’s and Women’s designer Tiffany Ruiz to share three original DIY looks — all done with our Alternative tees.

T-Shirts are my favorite item of clothing. They have evolved from being the casual undershirt to a piece you can dress up. They keep your wardrobe playful. Here, I provide a play on the classic white tee, present the new cold-shoulder, and create the perfect day-to-night colorblock dress. — Tiffany Ruiz

What you’ll need:

1) Fabric Scissors

2) Measuring Tape

3) Thread

4) Sewing machine

5) Large or X-Large t-shirts to work with


The Pocket Tee:

Created using the Alternative Perfect Crew.


  1. Decide the desired length of the tee (I measured 20″). Draw cut marks on tee in a half circle for an extreme shirt tail.
  2. Cut along the dotted line.
  3. To create a cap sleeve measure 3″ from sleeves top seam and 2″ from sleeves bottom seam.
  4. Cut both sleeves.
  5. Use the bottom of the t-shirt that you removed in step 1 to create a pocket. For precision, make a pattern of desired pocket size from paper (my pocket is 6″ x 4.5″). Align with shirt seam and cut pocket.
  6. Iron out a seam allowance on the pocket for for an easier sew.
  7. Find desired placement of pocket (I measured 8″ from height of shoulder and 4″ from side seam).
  8. Pin your pocket in place on the shirt.
  9. Sew on the pocket.
  10. Triple roll the sleeves to meet the seam and place one stitch at the outside of the sleeve.
  11. For a distressed look stretch out the neckline.


The Slit Raglan:

Created using the Alternative Baseball Tee.



  1. Cut along sleeve seam starting from the neckline and ending 2″ from the bottom of the seam (repeat on backside).
  2. For a clean finish, close the open seam with a 1/2″ turnback. Be sure to change thread to match the hem you are sewing (repeat three times to close all four hems of the sleeve).
  3. Overlap the bands of the neckline to make a perfect corner and sew them back together.
  4. Decide desired length of shirt by measuring from the highest point of shoulder (I measured 24″).
  5. Mark this measurement on your tee, fold in half and cut in a half circle for a shirt tale effect.
  6. Decide desired length of sleeve by measuring from highest point of shoulder (I measured 11″). Mark this measurement on your tee and cut your sleeve.
  7. Roll the sleeve twice and hand sew a stitch at the outside of the sleeve.


The T-Shirt Dress:

Created using the Alternative Eco-Heather Crew.


  1. Select two different colored t-shirts for a colorblock dress.
  2. Decide the desired length of the top color block. Measure from top of shoulder to the desired length and cut straight across (I measured 24″).
  3. Decide the desired length of the bottom of your dress. Measure up from bottom seam and cut a straight line (I measured 11″).
  4. Turn the bottom piece inside out, pull it over the top piece with the bottom seam up and pin along the seam with 1/2″ seam allowance.
  5. Sew the two pieces together using a zig zag stitch pattern.
  6. Cut a circular curve along both sides of the skirt.
  7. Close the open seam along the skirt with a 1/2″ turnback.

Story by Kate Koeller & Tiffany Ruiz

Photos by Jimmy Barron

Modeled by Michelle Woo

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