Art & Design

Revive Upholstery by Leland Duck

  Leland Duck isn’t your typical upholsterer. He transforms vintage pieces by recovering them in unconventional fabrics such as army canvas tents, vintage Pendleton wool, and waxed canvas. The end result is a wholly original item of furniture and a… Read More

L.A. Freewalls Project

There’s a giant, decomposing sea lion carcass at 7th & Mateo near downtown Los Angeles. The size of a school bus, its ribs and skull are protruding with inevitable persistence through its deteriorating flesh. According to city regulations it should… Read More

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

The borough of Brooklyn breeds no shortage of artisans whose focus…some may call it obsession…is based on the art of craftsmanship, quality and sustainability. No matter the reasons for this renewed interest in artisan culture, it’s fostering a new appreciation… Read More

Featured Artist: Randy Noborikawa

Everyone has a different way of bringing an idea to life. For instance, some people might write it down immediately, some might call a friend to discuss and others tend to use artistic forms like music or art to bring… Read More

The Integratron

Southern California’s high desert is known for its amazing landscapes, hot weather and history of eccentric residents. One of its lesser-known eccentrics was a retired pilot named George Van Tassel who claimed to have been abducted by aliens who gave… Read More