Featured Artist: Randy Noborikawa

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Everyone has a different way of bringing an idea to life. For instance, some people might write it down immediately, some might call a friend to discuss and others tend to use artistic forms like music or art to bring “something from an idea to reality,” in the words of Randy Noborikawa.

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Noborikawa is a talented mixed media artist, painter and designer based in California. He is an inspiration to many because he had never received any formal art training until his early 20s when he attended The Academy of Art in San Francisco. “It was the only thing I could be; really it picked me,” explains Noborikawa of his raw natural talent turned artistic profession.

In high school, he started out sending graphics to surf companies and screen printers. Now, he creates his masterpieces with traditional acrylic and oil paint, spray paint, neon lighting and lenticular wood panels that he uses to create fascinating multidirectional paintings.

Although his artistic expertise is vast, he tends to really enjoy painting and developing the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead Iconography into interesting, sometimes mesmerizing pieces of art.

Just like many of our Common Thread featured artists, Noborikawa gets his inspiration from traveling and nature. This is close to our hearts at Alternative since many of our styles are eco-friendly and made with nature and the environment in mind.

“Nature… helps to cleanse the mental palette, and nature never disappoints,” he says.

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So what does Noborikawa have in store for the New Year? He will continue to travel (he recently went to Tokyo) and he’s currently in the developing stages of a mobile art gallery called “Keep It Rolling” that will be able to just pop up wherever, whenever – “kind of like a sidewalk performer,” he describes. We dig it.

x Eleni Snider
Photos by Stephen Zeigler


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    golf aurora

    WOW! What a free spirit! Love the bike too!

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    I hope Randy’s gallery will roll through NYC. 😉

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