2015 Highlights

Has 2015 flown by or is it just us? It’s been a year of ups and downs, but we want to take a moment to look back at the highlights: the news, the pop culture and the Alternative. As we reminisce on all the good times, we also want to thank you for making this an incredible year. New simplicity, fresh softness and a more sustainable future all come to mind as we ring in a new year. Cheers to 2016!


2015 Highlights:

SpaceX launched the first reusable rocket into orbit and recovered it

“Birdman” wins Best Picture at the 87th Academy Awards

The New England Patriots are your Super Bowl XLIX Champions, but Tom Brady gets all the attention. The deflategate saga continues.

#TheDress becomes an international debate: white and gold or blue and black?thedress

Tesla announces its plan to change how the world uses energy by making the “powerful home battery” which will allow consumers to store solar energy in their homes

All of Twitter cries about the Mad Men finale as fans say goodbye to the show

Apple gives us the Apple Watch launches Apple Radio

Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn sparks an international conversation and brings attention to the LGBT community

The Men’s Jacquard Henley T-shirt X-Large White Sox Stripe is Alternative’s most searched item

The New York Times encourages readers to try adding peas to their guacamole, and the Internet explodes. No.nytnowguac-articleLarge

Periscope starts a streaming video revolution

Gay marriage is legalized nationwide

US Women’s Soccer Team wins the World Cup

Selfie sticks get banned by Disney, Six Flags and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. People continue to take selfies.

Alternative turns 2020thAnniversary_1

NASA confirms the presence of water on Mars

Unleaded gas prices decline to less than $2 in most states, the lowest America has seen in about seven years

Adele said ‘hello’ by making music chart history with the release of her third album, ’25’

195 countries around the world inked a deal in Paris to cut greenhouse gas emissions

DJ Khaled becomes the Snapchat king. #AnotherOne

The Basic Men’s Crew T-shirt is Alternative’s best-selling itemcrop1070C1_2

Steve Harvey crowns the wrong Miss Universe but is still invited to host the 2016 pageant

Avocado toast becomes the food of the year with mentions of the food growing by 270% on Foursquare

Deeper interactivity rules web design allowing for increased personalization, video and animation

The rest of the world finally catches on to the athleisure trend we’ve been creating, selling and wearing for years. About time.

The Stars Wars franchise returns with “The Force Awakens” after almost 30 years

Alternative continues its commitment to sustainability by conserving 49,700 gallons of water, 28,400 KWH of power, 23 cubic yards of landfill and 121 treescroptrees

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